QA問答-TINTA 金邸獎空間美學新秀設計師大賽



TINTA Award Registration FAQ


Is there an age limit?

Participants should be interior designers under the age of 40 years old (inclusive). Please make sure to select the actual age of valid identification on the sign up page. If the participant is proven to have falsely reported his (her) age by the organizer, his (her) eligibility will be canceled, and the registration fee will not be refunded.

*Age limit: Please note that the age refers to the designer’s age when (s)he signs up rather than “the age when (s)he creates the work.”


Can we sign up as a group? What happens when one of the designers in the group exceeds the age limit?

Yes. “All” of the participants must meet the age limit and truthfully fill in their age and identification information with a valid form of identification on the sign up page. A designer is not permitted to sign up for the contest if exceeding the age limit. Please select for your group only designers who meet the age limit for the Award.


Can we sign up for the Award in the name of a company? Is the designers’ information still required then?

Yes, you can sign up for the Award in the name of your company. Please fill in the company name in the “stage name” column. If the work wins, the stage name you fill in will be shown accordingly. Please note that the other information of the designers still needs to be filled in completely with valid identification to verify their eligibility.


What should I do if I haven’t taken photos of my work, even though it is completed?

Photos of the work can be uploaded at any time before the registration deadline. Please fill in and save the text information on the sign up page, upload your photos, and make payment before the deadline. Please note that after the deadline, you will not be able to revise the text, upload photos, or sign up for the Award.


Can I apply for a refund after registration is completed?

After the registration is completed and payment is made, the participant cannot withdraw from the Award or receive a refund.


Are individual and group registration fees different?

The registration fees are the same. We recommend registering as early as possible to receive the early bird discount.


Will there be additional fees if I win the Award?

The winners will not need to pay additional fees. They will receive the services designed during registration.


Will there be an invoice for registration payment? Does payment in different currencies affect invoicing?

We will issue an invoice or receipt upon successful payment

If you pay in Taiwan dollars for online card swiping or ATM payment, a "unified invoice" will be issued and sent to the contact email address filled in the member area of your (TINTA Award); for non-Taiwan companies, we will issue a separate electronic receipt and send it to you

For Wechat payers, only "electronic invoice (special ticket)" should be issued, and the opening information should be filled out in detail, so as not to affect your rights.


Why can't I complete the credit card payment?

The main possible reasons are as follows:

1. Exceeding the monthly spending limit of the card: In this case, it is recommended to register with a new credit card.

2. Verification code entry failure (3D verification failure): Please read carefully and indeed enter the received verification code.

3. Credit card risk control mechanism: Some credit cards have this protection mechanism. For example, if the card fails to be swiped for more than 5 to 10 times in a day, or the card function may be temporarily locked if the card fails to be swiped continuously in a short period of time. In this case, you need to check the consumer identity with the card issuing bank before you can use it again. Please contact your card issuing bank for details.


How to pay the entry fee by WeChat Pay?

After submitting the entry on the registration page, choose "WeChat Pay" on the payment page.


Why hasn't my submission been marked as successful after I have made the payment?

Why isn't my submission showing as successfully registered after I've made the payment?

After payment, there will be a manual verification process that takes approximately 1-3 business days to complete. During this time, your payment status will be updated. To expedite the verification process, please make sure that after making the payment through WeChat, you navigate to the official payment page on the website and click on "Choose File." Upload a screenshot of the successful payment confirmation and contact the TINTA Award team (WeChat ID: hellomyhome666). Please provide your entry ID for verification purposes.


How do I get started signing up for the Award?

Please go to the official TINTA Award website and click “log in” in the upper right corner. Select the way you would like to log in or click “register now.” After email verification, you will be a member of the TINTA Award website.

Please register with your company name in priority and make sure your email address is correct. The organizer will primarily contact you through this email address.

After filling in the required information online, the system will automatically deliver an “account confirmation letter” to the designated email address. After the registration account is acquired, the entrant can log in and upload the file and information of the work on their own before the deadline. Registration is complete once the participant agrees with the Declaration of Intellectual Property Rights and pays the registration fee.


Why can’t I complete the registration after filling in all the information?

Please confirm that each column is correctly filled and that the formats of the texts and images are correct for further registration information maintenance and payment.


Why can’t I submit the registration information and error messages appear after all the columns are filled in correctly?

If the sign up page shows an error message (for example: undefined, etc.), but the formats of the images and texts meet the regulations, please examine whether the content you filled in contains any special signs in Chinese or English or digital codes (such as '). Please delete all such characters and try registering again.


Can I revise my registration information after making the payment?

Please note that no revision can be made once the payment is made and the work is submitted. Before making the payment and submitting the work, you can revise the contents at any time. Please make sure to confirm the correctness of all information prior to submission.


Why does an error message appear after the images are uploaded? (For example, suffix strings do not match, etc.)

We recommend using Google Chrome to clear cache and cookies before submitting the registration information again. Other web browsers may experience problems in use (such as WeChat, Baidu, etc.).


What unit should I use for the work area?

You can choose ㎡, ping, or other units on the sign up page. Please make sure to choose the correct unit for the work area for the distinction of award classification and judges’ reviews.


Do I need to submit a floor plan if my work is Exhibition and Decoration (Soft Outfit)?

A floor plan is not required for works of Exhibition and Decoration (Soft Outfit). Please upload the location photos to best present the work.


Can the location photos and floor plans contain the company’s information?

No. To ensure fairness in the contest, no text information, trademark, or watermark of the company can be included in the location photos and floor plans. Please note that if the related information is proven to be shown in the uploaded photos, the work will be disqualified. Please make sure to examine the uploaded photos prior to submission.


Can the company information be included if the work is the designing company’s work space (studio, office space)?

It is permitted if the work is in the “Working Space” classification and the location photo contains the mark of the company (such as the sign, decoration mark, etc.) in the space. However, “additional” information, trademarks, watermarks, and other marks of the company cannot be labelled in the photo. Please note that if the location photos and floor plans are found to contain the aforementioned marks, the work will be immediately disqualified.


Are both Chinese and English introductions to the work concept required?

Yes. Both Chinese and English introductions are required. Please fill in concisely according to the actual design.


What can I do if the Chinese/English contents exceed the word limit?

Any words that exceed the limit will be automatically deleted by the system. Please adjust the contents and convey your design concept concisely. Make sure to examine the texts you fill in to prevent interruption, loss, or any errors that may affect the judges’ review and your rights.


Can I upload more images than the specified quantity?

No additional images may be uploaded. Please select the images that best convey the work concept and design contents. Collages are accepted, but the work has to be presented clearly and completely.


What is the designer information "Representative Photo" in the registration page?

This photo is the representative image of your company after the award. Only one image file is needed, which can be a designer personal image, group image or company LOGO. For group entries, you can merge images and upload this field.


If the registration work is only designed for part of the space field, rather than the whole space, how to fill in the "Area" in the registration page?

Please fill in the area of the "Overall Space" in your plan, not the area of the partial design space, and use this area to select the registration group. At the same time, we remind you to confirm that all the entries are original designs by yourself or your team, and plagiarism and counterfeiting are strictly prohibited.


Which space category should a studio sign up for?

It is recommended to select the workspace category.

If there are other commercial activities in the space, such as retail, catering, entertainment... Please select the category that suits you according to the space category


Do I need to fill in "Interior Area" or "Licensed Area"?

Please fill in "Full Interior Area" instead of "Licensed Area".


Can I enter the competition for space works co-designed by multiple company?

Please be sure to confirm the copyright ownership of the entries, take the initiative to contact the staff (telephone contact or email), and provide the "authorization documents agreed by both /multiple companies and printed". If there is no detailed submission of supporting data, doubts and disputes arising after the entry or award, the organizer may cancel the award qualification after verification.


What is a Joint Evaluation Meeting?

As a special part of the evaluation of the Award, the Joint Evaluation Meeting aims to provide a unique communication platform for the participants and judges. The nominations can offer a presentation displaying their ideas about their design to the judges and answer their questions. In this way, the designers can better convey what they have designed. The scores by the Joint Evaluation Meeting are independent and will not influence the final results.



After the second-round review stage, the top five entries in each competition category will be selected based on the accumulated total scores (including tied scores). Once the criteria are met, the organizers will notify the participants. If you haven't received a participation notification, it indicates that your current evaluation stage score has not met the aforementioned criteria.


If I do not attend the Joint Evaluation Meeting, will this affect my score in the subsequent review?

A joint Evaluation Meeting is a valuable chance for the participants to communicate with the judges, but it is not compulsory and will not affect the subsequent results. The awards by the Joint Evaluation Meeting and the final results of the TINTA are separate. Young designers, however, are encouraged to attend the Board as it is a great opportunity to demonstrate their works to the judges face to face.


What is the specific process of the Joint Evaluation Meeting?

The Joint Evaluation Meeting invites the participants to present the ideas of their nominated works to the multiple judges of the category via conference call. At the meeting, the judges will raise questions and communicate with the participants according to their works and presentation.


What do I need to prepare for the Joint Evaluation Meeting? What software and hardware do I need to have?

The participants should submit a file of their presentation within 7 days (There is no limit to the format, contents, and methods of the presentation).
The participants are required to prepare software and hardware equipment for the conference call, including a computer/conference cam/microphone/stable Internet connection, etc. (Connection via a tablet computer or mobile phone is not recommended). Please cooperate with staff for a “con-call connection test"" to ensure the Joint Evaluation Meeting can proceed without any difficulties."

For further questions regarding the Award, please contact TINTA Award working group customer service: